Wat Phra Ram

Wat Phra Ram

This is a temple that was built on the cremation site of the first kings. It is large scale and worthy of a visit among the many remains there. According to the Chronicles, in 1369, the second generation of Ayutthaya, the king of Lama, chosen Wat Phra Ram as the cremation place for his father’s first king. The beautiful Khmer-style stupa, which is now seen by tourists, was built by the king of the city in the 15th century.

The temple architecture is close to the Khmer style, the beautiful pagoda shaped like corn is fascinating, and the Buddha statue on the pagoda is luxurious and exquisite. There are many different styles of stupa buildings, and there is a square cloister made up of stone Buddha statues. There are many towers in the temple, which combine the characteristics of the Khmer Tower, the Ceylon Tower, and the Murray Tower.

The Wat Phra Ram in Ayutthaya has a history of more than 600 years, and his architectural style is very similar to that of Angkor. The pagoda in the temple is shaped like a corn cob and shows the streamlined beauty. The entire area of the scenic area is very large, and there are many different kinds of towers, which are worth everyone to visit.

Wat Phra Ram tickets are 50 baht. Of course, if you just pass through and don’t want to visit, you can also see the entire view of the Wat Phra Ram on the edge of the small river, where you can especially view the scenery of the Ayutthaya old city under the reflection of the river, which is more beautiful than the close-up.

Wat Phra Ram is not famous among the many temples in Ayutthaya, but he has a special feature that is not found in other temples. There is a large pool next to the temple. Through this pool you can view the reflection of the temple tower. Looking at the Wat Phra Ram from another Angle, you won’t find how desolate it is, but how alive it is.

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