Viking Cave

Viking Cave

There are several huge limestone caves on Ko Phi Phi Le. To protect the ecological environment of Ko Phi Phi Le, the Thai government currently only opens Viking Cave for tourists to visit. There are many sea swallows in the cave, which are rich in bird’s nest, so it is also called “birds nest cave”. On the nearby sea, you may also see the hard work of workers collecting bird’s nests. These pure natural bird’s nests are rare and precious items, and there are many local residents around here to pick and sell bird’s nests.

The wall of the Viking Cave is engraved with murals of prehistoric humans, elephants, ships, etc., especially various ships, and there are various types of murals of ancient ships from Europe, Arabia, China, etc., as well as more advanced steam ships, just like the world’s ship exhibition. You can imagine how busy the waterways were. However, according to legend, these stone caves were formerly dens of Andaman pirates, so they were called “pirate caves”, which makes people feel differently about these murals. In old times, this cave was a good place for pirates and sea gypsies. The bamboo structure in the cave is designed to allow swallows to nest on the roof.

Krabi’s Viking Cave is a natural landscape which is located on Ko Phi Phi Le. The huge caves that are naturally formed on the beach are like the hiding place for Viking pirates. This is also the location for many Hollywood movies. There is a small beach there. The sand is fine and soft. Everyone can go up and explore the Viking Cave, which is very mysterious. The place near the cave is still very clear, and the color is very dark, and there are many underwater creatures. It is a good place to explore the special charm of Krabi.

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