The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth

Unlike the magnificent shape of the Temple of the Grand Palace and Wat Chayamangkalaram, The Sanctuary of Truth features a magnificent atmosphere. It is all-wood structure, relying on the beach. When you are looking closer, you will feel it finely crafted. You will feel it a pity if you don’t take a visit there. And The Sanctuary of Truth is quiet and there are no noisy tours. As for the traffic, in fact, on the beach road, you can go to the direction of The Sanctuary of Truth, and you can take directly the tutu car, open the Google map, and then walk down to arrive there, which will take about 10B per person. Or you can directly take a taxi, if you take the taxi from Fengyue Street, it will be 150B, as long as you know how to bargain. When you return back from The Sanctuary of Truth, you can also take the tutu directly back, which is very convenient. Then you can view the sunset on the beach while appreciating the sea.

In addition to those ladyboy show and paradise, the funny thing to do in  Pattaya is to visit the Sanctuary of Truth. It is simply the most worthwhile place to go. The whole temple is made of pure mahogany and teak. It is hand-carved by hand and shows the natural craftsmanship. It also shows the relationship between man and the universe. The design style is mainly based on the traditional Asian art style and the gorgeous style of the Bangkok Dynasty in Thailand. It is only 80% completed at present, which is not easy.

If you book the ticket online, the ticket collection at The Sanctuary of Truth is very smooth, and the service staff will smile at you. It takes a long walk from the gate to the temple. You can ride the horse and feed the goat in the temple. You can take a boat and ride an elephant. You can let others take pictures of you. There is a performance at 15:30 in the afternoon. When you enter from the entrance of the Sanctuary of Truth, someone will send you a helmet.

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