Thai Jewelry: Must-buy Item in Bangkok

Thai Jewelry: Must-buy Item in Bangkok

No woman can stop the extraordinary charm of diamond jewelry, and Thailand is the diamond kingdom that fulfills this dream. Thailand is considered to be one of the best diamond and jewelry centers in the world. In addition to its rich gemstone resources, it also has a group of skilled artisans who focus on craftsmanship. When you are traveling in Thailand, just don’t forget to choose the best diamond jewelry in the shopping malls or jewelry stores to set off your beautiful temperament.

As early as the early sixteenth century, a wave of exploration of the Eastern world was set off in Europe. At that time, Thai gemstone deposits attracted the attention of many western countries. Thai gemstones at that time were mostly used by monks to drive away evil and bless peace, and then monopolized by the royalty.

In the mid-nineteenth century, the cities of Chanthaburi and Trat which are at east of Bangkok, set off a wave of gem mining for the first time. By the end of the nineteenth century, Chanthaburi had changed from a small village to a gem-trading town with nearly 5,000 residents. Since then, the Thai gemstone trade has gradually moved from the domestic market to the world, and is well-known for its good quality and reasonable price. Today, more than 80% of ruby and sapphires in the world are designed and processed in Thailand and sold around the world.

Thailand not only has world-renowned cutting and polishing handicraft technology, but also the core technology of heat treatment processing technology that can improve the quality of colored stones. In addition, in order to improve the competitiveness of the local gem industry, the Thai government has also waived tariffs on imported raw materials, effectively reducing the risks of the gem industry. In order to further attract overseas tourists to buy gems and jewelry in Thailand, the government has promised to refund the full value-added tax on jewelry, making more and more tourist buy jewelry while they are shopping in Thailand.

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