Railay Beach

Railay Beach

Railay Beach is very long, the sand is very thin, and it is suitable for the whole family tour, especially suitable for taking the children to play here. In the afternoon you can enjoy the sunset. No need to think about anything here, you can just quietly lie on the white sand beach under the steep cliff, blow the sea breeze, and spend a leisurely afternoon.

There are rock climbing projects on the island. Whether you have been in contact with rock climbing before or you are a rock-climbing zero-based tourist, you can try it under the guidance of a professional climbing club coach. You can also rent kayaks nearby, to row along the sea wall and shuttle between the caves.

Railay Beach features veritable beauty. The boat from Ao Nang is docked on West Beach. On the shore, you arrive at the place where the standard promotional photos of Railay Beach and Krabi are photographed: blue sky and white clouds, green peaks, clear sea water and Thai special ferry. The sea here is actually beautiful, and there are all kinds of standing rocks in the sea, which makes people feel the gentleness and charm of the sea.

Railay Beach is the southernmost place on the main island of Krabi. It is also the only place where you can watch the sunrise and watch the sunset. There are quite a few high-end resorts here, and most of them have their own private beach, which is a place to lie down leisurely and you don’t need to move and don’t need think anything. But the traffic is inconvenient, and it is necessary to take a boat from Ao Nang Beach to arrive at the beach as mentioned above.

The West Coast of Railay Beach is more beautiful, but there are more restaurants and bars on the East Coast. There are many high-end hotels here with their own private beaches. If you are interested in rock climbing, you may wish to stay here for one night. This is the best place for the Krabi vacation.

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