Phuket Kata On The Rock Restaurant

Phuket Kata On The Rock Restaurant

Kata On The Rock is a restaurant within the Kata Rock Resort in Phuket. Kata On The Rock boasts an expansive ocean view, and it is a great holiday restaurant and a great place for romantic Thailand honeymoon packages. Dining in Kata On The Rock is not just in an upscale hotel like a sky villa. With beach candles, refreshing sea breeze and the beautiful sunset, Kata On The Rock is full of romance. It can be said that this is an ultimate place to enjoy, so it has become a honeymoon destination that many couples love.

On the seaside of Andaman, Kata On The Rock brings diners the beautiful sunset view. The restaurant has the special menu, so it is also regarded as the only luxury resort restaurant on the island. As long as you come to Kata On The Rock, everyone can find the special gourmet feast for them.

Kata On The Rock offers a wide variety of cuisines, from an appetizer before dinner to the delicious snacks to fresh local seafood, from authentic Mediterranean cuisine to exquisite Thai specialties, all can make people’s taste buds to cheer and jump. Whether it’s a sophisticated staple or a tempting dessert, Kata On The Rock stands out among the many restaurants in Phuket.

As an upscale Thai restaurant, Kata On The Rock is naturally featuring the delicious Thai meal. The Thai menu features a platter of Thai cuisine and some soups. The platter includes two selected main dishes, which is paired with fresh fruit and tea or coffee. Whether it’s Western or Thai cuisine, Kata On The Rock’s food can be paired with cocktails, wines and a variety of beverages to ensure that every meal is delicious.

Phuket Kata On The Rock Address: 7.829232, 98.293711, Karon, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket

Phone: +667 6370 777

Dinner time: 18:00-22:00

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