Phuket FantaSea

Phuket FantaSea

Starting from Patong, it takes 10 minutes to arrive at the Phuket FantaSea, which is very spectacular when you look it outside. Inside the park, it is OK, and you can watch the big tiger. The rest of the park is all consumer products. There are elephant products, which are very expensive, and cost 1000 baht once, so it is not recommended. Then there is the restaurant, ordering tickets will include the food, without having to order ordinary meal tickets. The dining place is really spectacular, and it is very large, you can eat while waiting for the performance. At 20:30, you can enter into the theater, but the equipment is not allowed to be brought in. The performance is really shocking. Especially when the elephants are playing, when the cannon is used to attack the city, the children may be easily scared. The whole performance is very compact, and it doesn’t feel like 1-hour long. It is recommended to go faster when exiting, or you need queue up if you are waiting bus outside, but you will be able to get on the bus in about 10 minutes.

Phuket FantaSea is a theme park recently popular in Phuket to promote Thai culture. When you purchase a ticket, you can include a round-trip hotel transfer, which is very convenient. Theme park is much smaller than what you think, and entertainment activities need to be paid separately and they are simple, but children may prefer them. The taste of the dinner buffet is at general level.

The “Fantasy of a Kingdom” Thai cultural lighting show is included in the park ticket, and the whole performance revolves around the mysterious kingdom who is called “Kamala”. The performance time is about 70 minutes. The stage lighting effect is very good. There are special effects such as smoke, fireworks and explosions. The costumes are also beautifully made! There are also elephants and tigers coming to be the guest in the performance. Remember to store photo-taking equipment, including mobile phones, before the show starts.

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