Wat Khao Chee-chan

“Buddha is a mountain, the mountain is a Buddha”, and when you walk into the Wat Khao Chee-chan, you have this kind of feeling. This statue was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the emperor’s ascension. On the mountain’s profile, the statue of Sakyamuni Buddha is as high as 130 meters. The exquisite craftsmanship of laser engraving, the infusion of 24k yellow gold and the inlay of the relic have created the magnificent golden Buddha. Under the sun, the golden Buddha shines with the blazing Buddha light, which can be seen from far away, and will make you feel shocked.

Pattaya Park Tower

The 240-meter-high Pattaya Park Tower is the tallest building in the area, where you can see the whole view of the city, the skyscrapers, the lush forests and the endless blue sea. The 53rd floor is a revolving restaurant, where you can enjoy the food while enjoying the view, and the open view will increase your appetite. When you go downstairs, there is a way to take the risk of stimulating by taking the elevator. It descends from the top of the 56-story tower and the body slides quickly to the ground. It is very to experience it.

Walking Street Pattaya

For the Walking Street Pattaya, there is a big difference between day and night, as the street is quiet during the day and the lights are bright at night. There are various snacks and bars on both sides of the walking street. The bustling streets are a must for tourists. Here you can get a cheap seafood meal. There are often music performances and Muay Thai shows in the bar. Of course, the shemale is also inevitable seen everywhere.

With such beautiful attractions, how can you not go to such a beautiful city in Thailand?

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