Most Beautiful Diving Resorts in Thailand

Most Beautiful Diving Resorts in Thailand

Krabi Province, located in the south of Thailand, is a famous beach travel destination in Thailand. The white and soft sandy beaches have clear blue waters and the colorful underwater world, attracting many tourists and diving enthusiasts from all over the world. Krabi’s Lanta Island National Park is a very important national park in southern Thailand. The beautiful scenery in the national park consists of 25 large and small islands. It is the most beautiful diving resort in Krabi Province. The clear waters and rich corals, the colorful fish groups attract many diving enthusiasts from all over the world to come here for diving vacations.

KoLanta Yai Island

KoLanta Yai Island is home to the Lanta National Park office. The island has a lot of convenient facilities, including a variety of restaurants, beautiful hotels and resorts, different types of shops, and many travel agencies can take you to enjoy diving. The island has beautiful scenery, white beaches, and clear waters. Renting a motorcycle here is a very good choice.

KoRok Island

KoRok Island is a famous diving resort in the national park. It consists of two small islands, Ko Rok Noi and Ko Rok Yai. The distance between the two islands is 100 meters. The sea water is very clear and it is a rare diving resort. The corals are rich and beautiful, and the colorful coral fishes swim around you. The super beautiful underwater world is very healing.

KoHa Island

KoHa Island is also a well-known archipelago in Lanta Island National Park. KoHa means 5 islands in Thai. As the name suggests, there are a total of 5 islands, which are very important diving sites. Not only can you enjoy snorkeling, but also it is an important deep-sea diving resort, where you can experience the fun of deep-sea diving and explore the wonderful and beautiful underwater world.

Koh Ngai

Koh Ngai is also a small island in Lanta Island National Park. The island is not large, but the scenery is very beautiful. Long beaches and clear water are outstanding on Koh Ngai. In addition, it is also a well-known snorkeling destination, with colorful coral fish and rich corals shining under the sun.

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