Mea Fah Luang University

Mea Fah Luang University

Mea Fah Luang University is located in Chiang Rai Province, in northern Thailand. Chiang Rai Province is adjacent to Myanmar and Laos and belongs to the Greater Mekong Basin area. Mea Fah Luang University has improved the geographical environment of the campus and safeguarded the national culture. Under the guidance of the idea of “University in the Garden”, it strives to provide convenient conditions for students and staff to study and live.

Mea Fah Luang University is a national autonomous university, in order to make the people of Northern Thailand remember the needs of Her Royal Highness Her Majesty Queen Srinakarin, making it a place for the people to commemorate, be allegiant, and inherit Her Majesty’s legacy. The university is recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education as a higher education institution. It is currently the only national university in Thailand that teaches in English. At the same time, it has close academic exchanges and cooperation with well-known academic institutions at home and abroad.

The environment of Mea Fah Luang University is very good. It is backed by mountains. The campus has a large area of lawns and lakes. The buildings here will not be too high, blending with the beautiful environment and keeping very quiet. This university is simply a beautiful green space, and the buildings on it match the environment very well. The most attractive thing about Mea Fah Luang University is its campus environment. The lake and mountains here make it not like a campus at all, but looks like a beautiful botanical garden.

Mea Fah Luang University is just too quiet. You won’t see too many students when you walk around. The environment is really comfortable, and you also see amazing Chinese garden features. Mea Fah Luang University has a lot of Chinese elements and traces. Even some campus landscapes of the entire university also have the characteristics of Chinese courtyards, and there is the China Research Center in the campus.

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