Ko Mai Phai Island

Ko Mai Phai Island

Ko Mai Phai Island is an outlying island of Ko Phi Phi Don. It is located on the northeast side of Ko Phi Phi Don and must be reached by boat. It takes half an hour from Ao Tonsai Pier, or 15 minutes from Phi Phi Natural Resort, north of Phi Phi Island. There are fine white sand beaches and a lush bamboo forest. Because of this bamboo forest, it is called Ko Mai Phai Island.

The waters of Ko Mai Phai Island are azure in the distance, and are as clear and emerald as jade when you look it at a close distance. There are many small transparent fish in the water. Ko Mai Phai Island is very close to Lan Thong Bay in the northern part of Ko Phi Phi Don. The whole island has maintained its original style. The forest area on the island is undeveloped, and it is a white beach for visitors to visit.

Ko Mai Phai Island is an uninhabited island with many wooden houses and small shops for habitation. With beautiful beaches to the east and north of Ko Mai Phai Island, it is the perfect place to sunbathe. The southern part of the island is full of gorgeous coral reefs, and there are many dead coral blocks on the shore, indicating that there are many corals in the nearby sea. This is one of the best swimming and diving spots in Phi Phi Island.

There are fewer tourists here than Ko Phi Phi Le. The sea water is clear and transparent, and in the bamboo forest you can rest from the sun. Although the beach is not soft, it is still delicate. Under the hot sunlight, it is fun with the blue and green water. It is a good place to play water, play sand and enjoy snorkeling. However, because it is close to the equator and is near the sea, the sunlight is sufficient, the sea water has a reflective effect, and it is easy to be sunburned. It is necessary to take sufficient sun protection measures. And don’t forget to take the sunscreen, sunglasses, and straw hat.

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