Jungceylon Shopping Mall

Jungceylon Shopping Mall

This is a shopping mall on Patong Beach where there are a crowd of tourists, with more than 200 shopping outlets. Next to it, it is the supermarket Big C, whose things inside are also good, fruit and seafood are quite fresh. Some brands in Jungcylon are roughly equivalent to the prices in other countries. In addition, there are both eating areas, entertainment areas and leisure areas. A music light show is held in the Jungceylon Shopping Mall every night.

Jungceylon Shopping Mall is a place to visit for a day. There is everything in it, including small items, branded clothing, eating and drinking. It feels good to go shopping inside. There is also a supermarket over there. It costs about 2,000 baht to buy a bunch of fruit, but it is very fresh. Durian and mangosteen are good-taste there. You can also buy a few Thai soaps to bring back to send friends, as well as cashew nuts and seaweed, which are also good and the price is moderate.

Jungceylon Shopping Mall’s Big C supermarket is worth visiting. It is full of tourist products, and if you want to buy local specialties and gifts, it is the right place for you, as it’s much cheaper than outside, and there are so many varieties and the seaweed is cheaper. There are also fresh squeezed juices that taste great and are worth buying. There are a lot of restaurants inside, the price is reasonable, and the environment is not bad, and it is recommended to try the Japanese cuisine inside. You can buy souvenirs on the ground floor, and there is a lot of room for counter-products, such as buying herbal creams, you can deal on 250 baht for three herbal screams to get one free.

Jungceylon Shopping Mall is one of the liveliest places in Patong. When booking a hotel, you can book nearby, where it is easy to eat, drink and have fun. Jungceylon Shopping Mall and Robinson are close together, there are many restaurants inside, shopping is also very convenient, boots, Watson and various sports brands are available inside. It is a very nice mall to go shopping in Patong Beach.

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