Hua Hin Seen Space

Hua Hin Seen Space

There is a cultural gathering place close to the seaside in Hua Hin, that is Seen Space community shopping mall. The architecture here is very distinctive. It is a style that matches the community of THE COMMONS in Bangkok. The loftlike open space design and the green plants here show a kind of lazy quiet and comfortable tone. Here, you can also hear the sound of the waves beating. And sitting in the community, blowing the wind and listening to the sound of the waves in a daze, is a good choice to pass the time to empty your soul. And you will feel it really comfortable.

The Seen Space community is dotted with a variety of creative light meal restaurants, cafes, and many small shops that are both beautiful and artistic with unique styles. And many details here are very beautiful, and there is a sense of happiness when you shoot photos. After eating, you can go shopping here, and then go to the beach to enjoy the sea view. There is a coffee shop, which is called burning daylight in the Seen Space. The ground in the café is covered with fine sand. Stepping on the soft sand is like intimate contact with the beach nature. The main color of the shop is sweet pink color, making it very suitable to take photos to share on the Instagram.

There is a view point in the Seen Space. There is also a swimming pool with a 180 ° view of the sea. If you want to swim, the swimming pool will be fully open after 11:00 am, and the pool is only open to guests who are staying in the hotel before 11:00 am. Seen space has a lot of good-looking corners for taking pictures, remember to have your camera ready! In fact, there is also a hotel here, which is the legendary hotel: Chocolate box, and it is a modern hotel with a special design and decoration. People who come to Hua Hin Seen Space to play are highly suggested that you spend half a day here, and you don’t have to hurry the itinerary, otherwise, you won’t enjoy yourself and can’t calm down to enjoy the scenery.

Opening hours: 11.00-22.00 from Monday to Thursday, 10.00-22.00 from Friday to Sunday

Address: 13/14 Hua Hin 35, Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110

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