Good Places to Watch the Foggy Sea in the Rainy Season in Thailand

Good Places to Watch the Foggy Sea in the Rainy Season in Thailand

The rainy season is the good time to watch the sea of fog. From the top of the mountain to overlook the sea of fog, the scenery changes and the scenery is spectacular. Here, let’s take a look at the good place to watch the sea of fog in the rainy season in Thailand.

Khao Luang: Located in Ramkhamhaeng National Park in Sukhothai Province, Khao Luang opens in June every year. It is one of the beautiful attractions of Sukhothai. The distance from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain is about 3 kilometers. Climbing to the top of the mountain, you will see the sun is rising, the sea of fog is vast in the distance, and all the beautiful scenery is in sight.

Huai Nam Dang: when we talk about the famous attraction of foggy sea in Chiang Mai, we have to mention Huai Nam Dang which is located in the Huai Nam Dang National Park in Chiang Mai Province. When the morning light is rising, you can watch the sea of fog up close, and the climate is very cool.

Pangung: Pangung, located in Mae Hong Son Province, is a paradise of the foggy sea and is popular with tourists. In the morning, rowing a boat through the foggy sea, feeling the tranquility of nature, you will feel it very romantic.

Baan Rak Thai: Mae Hong Son Province is also located in Baan Rak Thai, and the natural scenery is very beautiful. Here you can experience the atmosphere of the Chinese Yunnan Village and taste the local authentic Yunnan cuisine. When the sun rises in the early morning, you can watch the faint fog floating on the river, as if you are in an ink painting.

Takhiannoh: Located in Takhiannoh, Phetchabun Province, it is a good place to relax. You can set up a tent here and get in touch with nature. The mountains, the sea of ​​fog, and the rising sun constitute the peculiar and magnificent landscape of Takhiannoh, with a cool climate and pleasant scenery.

Khao Kho Post Office: Located in Khao Kho County, Phetchabun Province, Khao Kho Post Office is a very popular tourist attraction. The viewing platform here can not only watch the wonders of the sea of ​​fog in all directions, but also is suitable to take many beautiful photos. Because of this, many tourists gather here to watch beautiful natural landscapes such as the sea of ​​fog and sunrise.

Phu Thap Boek: To see the sea of ​​fog, you must come to Phu Thap Boek, the most popular tourist attraction in Phetchabun Province. You can come here no matter it is the rainy season or the cool season. There is a foggy sea and clouds in the mountains, sunrise and sunset, as if you are in a fairyland on earth.

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