Flat2112 & Bulletbyaoi: Two Clothing Brand Should Be Included in Your Thai Shopping List

Flat2112 & Bulletbyaoi: Two Clothing Brand Should Be Included in Your Thai Shopping List


Price: Average price 20-60 Baht

Bangkok Address: Siam Square

If clothes of more than 200 baht are a bit expensive for you, then you must know about Flat2112, which is a local fast-fashion private clothing brand in Thailand, and its price is cheaper than those fast-fashion brands such as H&M and ZARA, and the price performance is very high. The style is very fresh, and the designs of various puff sleeves, small florals, bows, puff sleeves and chiffon are very cute. The color of the clothes is also a variety of macaron colors, to be very girlish, and the fabrics are also very comfortable, making it not inferior to other brands in shopping mall.

Why not prepare a floral skirt in summer? You must not miss the small skirts of this brand, which not only highlight the figure, but also is elegant and advanced, and you will be very eye-catching when you walk in the crowd. If you are worried that you can’t hold this kind of sexy skirt, you can choose a gentle and cute style skirt, and people will think you are a Disney princess. Flat2112’s tops are also highly recommended. Many styles are similar to BM, but they are more retro and exquisite, and they will show a particularly good figure. There are also a lot of Flat2112 basic clothes, and the daily matching is also very OK.

Bullet by Army of Interns

Price: Average price 36-50 Baht

Purchase address: official website

Summer is here, besides wearing beautiful skirts, how can you not wear swimwear? Thailand’s swimwear brand Bullet by Army of Interns is like a treasure, and the first sight of it makes people excited. The brand was founded in 2015, inspired by minimalism and the Bauhaus movement, and is committed to creating beautiful and functional swimwear.

If you are a little shy about bikinis with more exposed flesh, then Bullet must be very suitable for you. The sporty design makes the swimsuit not too sexy, but it also has a lot of caution and is very eye-catching to wear. Like this kind of hollow back + high waist design, it is very beautiful, and it is especially lively and smart. There are also a lot of color matching models, the styles are quite unique, and they are also very advanced.

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