Chicken Island

Chicken Island

Chicken Island is known as the magic island. Some people think that the island is like a chicken head. Some people think that the island is like an axe handle, but foreigners think it like a strong sailor. Because it is the cliff of the southern ridge, it lets the people who see it have all kinds of imagination, you can enjoy the sun, blow the sea breeze, stroll on the silver-white beach and enjoy the infinite tropical scenery. After lunch, you can relax under the coconut grove, swim in the blue waters, or play with the fish to experience the enjoyable holiday there. The sea is warm and clear, with coral reefs and colorful tropical fish under the sea. Seasick tourists remember to prepare seasickness medicine in advance before you go to the Chicken Island.

Due to its peculiar image and high recognition, Chicken Island has become one of Krabi’s geographical indications. It takes about 20 minutes by speedboat from Ao Nang. Chicken Island should be considered a relatively large island in the nearby waters. Unfortunately, the island is surrounded by cliffs and rocks. It does not allow tourists to board the island. There is no suitable beach on the island for tourists to play, and you can only enjoy snorkeling and swimming in the waters on the back side. If you go there during the sunny days, you can also overlook the big Phi Phi Island from the Chicken Island.

Chicken Island and Poda Island, Moh Island, Tup Island are collectively known as four island of Krabi. Many island tours in Krabi Day Tour are to visit these four islands.

Chicken Island is not very big, but the environment on the island is good, and there are monkeys living here, and the diving here is pretty good, you can also try swimming. Chicken Island is not only interesting in shape, but also has a line of sandy beaches on the other side of the island along with the ebb and flow of the sea. It is one of the famous natural landscapes in Krabi.

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