Chiang Rai University

Chiang Rai University

Chiang Rai University was founded in 1969. It has more than 60 disciplines and has a language center to teach Thai courses. It is loved by students at home and abroad. In addition, the campus is also an indispensable attraction for visiting Chiang Rai. The campus has a good green environment. It is built on the mountain and surrounded by water. The campus looks very agile. It is charming in the morning, and romantic when the sun sets. It is a very quiet school for self-cultivation.

Chiang Rai University is a great university in the minds of the people, and it is a comprehensive research university with a wide range of disciplines and majors, with the main goal of serving the society; it is a university that provides high-quality learning environments for all nationalities; and there are a wide range of cultural landscapes with strong cultural atmosphere; it is a modern university with distinctive characteristics; it is a university with its own characteristics and unique style; the school library is equipped with a free movie theater, E-books, as well as a large number of books for students to read, and each department is also equipped with rich books and materials. The library of Chiang Rai University uses electronic information management system, so students here can use TEAC to search for graduation thesis. The entire campus of Chiang Rai University is very beautiful, and the atmosphere inside the campus is very artistic. You can just walk around or visit the campus art museum. There are some displays of local art and history here.

Chiang Rai University is not as big as Chiang Mai University, but it is also one of the must-see attractions in Chiang Rai. There are many traditional Thai buildings in it, all are very beautiful. The campus is very quiet with beautiful scenery. The trees there make a pleasant shade. The teaching buildings and surrounding scenery complement each other, making it worth a visit.

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