Chiang Mai Old City

Chiang Mai Old City

The central part of Chiang Mai is the square old city. The temples can be seen everywhere in the old city. The famous temples during daytime need buy tickets, while others are free to visit. If you don’t have a tour guide during your trip to the Chiang Mai Old City, it is recommended to search the Internet for some introductions, stroll around several famous temples, and increase the local Buddhist culture knowledge. It is also interesting to respect the local customs. In particular, it is necessary to take off the shoes in the temple, not to wear short skirts, super shorts, not to take pictures of Buddha statues, etc., which are required by each Buddhist temple.

The entire Chiang Mai Old City is still relatively leisurely, and there are not many people, and you can see a lot of massage shops, restaurants and temples everywhere. The degree of commercialization of the Chiang Mai Old City is also acceptable. There are also original reservations. There is a small night market in the north gate of the old city, which are only selling something for eating. There is no need to go to other places to find the night market for eating, as other places are far away, and they are not easy to find and they are more expensive.

The entire Chiang Mai Old City is not too big and the main attractions are within walking distance. The accommodation choice can be near the art and culture center of the old city, which is the best, as this is the center of the old city, where it is convenient to go to each attraction. But there are fewer hotels in this place. It is also a good choice to stay near the Chiang Mai Gate, where there are more hotels nearby.

You will like this city, as the quiet and wide road is full of life, with no high-rise buildings, no flow of traffic. Strolling in the old city, listening to songs, taking pictures, you will feel particularly calm. There is no destination, but you have encountered many ancient temples and other places in Chiang Mai Old City.

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