Chiang Mai Nonghoi Secondhand Flea Market

Chiang Mai Nonghoi Secondhand Flea Market

Is there a flea market in Chiang Mai? Many people certainly don’t know. Here we recommend a flea market in Chiang Mai, which is Nonghoi Secondhand. The flea market is open from 9:00 AM-18:00 PM every day and closed on Mondays. In fact, this second-hand goods market has a lot of employees, and the market environment is close to people, there is no tricky decoration, what you see is what you get. In INSTAGRAM, you will also see some photos which are taken here, and they are actually pretty good-looking.

Although this is a second-hand goods market, it is also managed in a standardized manner. All kinds of home appliances and furniture are available here, including old tables and chairs, benches, TV sets, pots and pans. The wooden tables and chairs piled up high are actually quite suitable and cost-effective if they are just for decorating a homestay or a temporary apartment in Chiang Mai.

Opposite the Nonghoi Secondhand Flea Market, there is place where it is selling a second-hand refrigerator. Friends who are interested in large appliances can check it out. Next to this flea market, there is a market, just like the market you usually see. It sells food, drinks, and sells second-hand clothes, pants, shoes, bags, each for 39 baht and 100 baht for three; of course, there are some clothes at the price of 50 baht for 1 piece, which is still expensive for some people, but if you are interested, you can go there and stroll around.

This is a local market where items are very cheap, and it takes only 10 baht for 1 kg of mangoes! There is also a children’s area next to the market, which is very user-friendly. Parents can leave their children there when they go shopping. There is also a basketball court next to it.

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