Chiang Mai Nightlife: Enjoy Yourself at Irish Pub or Namton’s House Bar

Chiang Mai Nightlife: Enjoy Yourself at Irish Pub or Namton’s House Bar

When you are traveling at Chiang Mai, Thailand, you are sure to look for the best bars or clubs to enjoy the nightlife there as it is one of the best ways to experience the local people’s life. Here we will recommend two bars for you to enjoy your nightlife in Chiang Mai.

Irish pub

Irish pub is surrounded by green walls, and there are many dwarfs, and it is a pub that combine bar, bakery coffee shop and beer garden restaurant. It is really cute. You don’t have to worry, “green” here is a very kind and popular color. Here you can definitely drink the green and delicious whiskey of Jameson. Here you can eat a lot of Irish specialties. You can also participate in the pub quiz, and together with everyone, reveal the mystery and celebrate together. It’s not a small shop to eat, drink, play, and listen to the live music, you will feel it too comfortable here.

Namton’s House Bar

This is a bar that is highly recommended by the tourists to enjoy the nightlife in Chiang Mai. The position is indeed a bit far. But it’s worth a visit. There are a variety of beers with different flavors and a full range of snacks.

The livemusic here changes according to the time of the period and you can listen to the jazz, raggae, and funk. Whenever an ordinary musician plays an unremarkable piece of music, your inner feelings about the combination of music and life conform to the role of alcohol and pour out. The bar’s environment, decoration, slogans and other products can really make you feel the boss’s love and interest in life. Falling in love here may be just a casual moment! For the 5th anniversary, craft beers are available in a variety of flavors. Buying the ticket can get custom cups. Take your unique cup to order the drinks there! You can try the Spain’s Jin Tangli. There is no vomiting in the bathroom. However, this is the best place to vomit.

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