Chiang Mai National Museum

Chiang Mai National Museum

The display of the Chiang Mai National Museum is divided into two floors. The first floor mainly displays historical relics and artworks of the Lanna period, as well as various cold weapons that were used in the fourteenth and fifteenth century wars. What is especially remarkable is a huge bronze Buddha. The second floor mainly displays Thai folk handicrafts.

You can appreciate various cultural relics in the Chiang Mai National Museum. The cultural relics in the museum can be traced back to the period of Sukhothai, Lopburi, and Ayutthaya. Among them, the head of the Buddha is the most exquisite, and many ancient Buddha statues, handicrafts and weapons of various periods are collected here.

The museum is located close to Chiang Mai University, and there is also an archeological research center and two excavated ancient kiln sites on the back of the first floor. Chiang Mai National Museum is a historical museum. If you want to know the history and past of Chiang Mai, visiting Chiang Mai National Museum is a very good choice.

Chiang Mai National Museum is one of Thailand’s largest national museums. Although the Siam dynasty has a short history, it still leaves a very splendid civilization. The treasures here are the characteristic of Southeast Asia. Tickets are only 200 baht, which are really cheap. The museum has very few tourists on weekdays. It introduces the history of more than 800 years of Chiang Mai through various advanced display methods. The bottom floor also contains the remains of the ancient city wall, which is also worth visiting.

In general, Chiang Mai National Museum is a very interesting place, and this museum is also very unique, the customs of Chiang Mai is also very good, the National Museum has a lot of facilities, you can also see some very larger exhibits here, and you can still learn something interesting in the museum.

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