Butterfly Organic Place Dairy in Bangkok

Butterfly Organic Place Dairy in Bangkok

Butterfly Organic Place is in a very small alley in Soi Nattap 2 Park. If you see a stone monument with a childlike hand-painted butterfly logo, it means you have arrived. This logo is the brand logo of Butterfly Organic Milk, which is said to be from the hands of the founder’s 5-year-old son. This is a butterfly representing nature, because it’s cute and innocent, just like their milk, so the founder used the childlike painting as a brand symbol.

The Butterfly Organic Milk brand was born in 2007. As an organic milk brand dairy company, only organically certified organic dairy products are sold in the store. Butterfly Organic Milk’s dairy products have also obtained Bioagricert (Italy) certification standard IFOAM, which is the first and only brand in Thailand to obtain this certification. Butterfly Organic Milk directly uses fresh, carefully selected milk without any additives, allowing people to taste the simplest and natural taste of milk that is produced by non-antibiotic resistant cows after absorbing the energy of organic grass.

All milk is pasteurized at very low temperatures, which not only retains the milk’s full nutrients, but also retains beneficial microorganisms. It is 100% natural organic milk, and it does not contain sugar. But the disadvantage is that the shelf life of milk provided by Butterfly is very short, only 10 days. In addition to being available in the store, Butterfly Organic Milk’s organic milk is sold in department stores in Bangkok.

Butterfly Organic Place mainly sells milk and yogurt, as well as coffee and bread desserts. There are four flavors of milk: original, low fat, vanilla and chocolate. The flavor is delicious and the price is not expensive. The homemade milk is 58 baht a bottle. People who are allergic to milk protein can try their organic almond milk. Almond milk has very low calories and is very healthy. It is suitable for women who control weight. Each bottle is 35 baht.

Address: 6, 23 Napha Sap Alley, Lane 2, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Business hours: 09: 00–17: 30 from Monday to Saturday, closed on Sunday

Phone: +66 2 258 0430

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