Boutique Coffee Shop Recommendations in Bangkok

Boutique Coffee Shop Recommendations in Bangkok

Drip & Drop Coffee Supply

Drip & Drop Coffee Supply, a new concept coffee shop from Kyoto, opened its first overseas shop in Bangkok. Unlike the established coffee menu, Drip & Drop completely breaks the process of making a cup of coffee, and every important step is given to the customer to choose.

From coffee bean to extraction process, every operation is up to you. The selection of coffee beans in the store is not complicated, there are only a few classic blends and special selections of the day. In the words of the clerk, they don’t want customers to be confused by so many choices. After all, many people don’t understand coffee beans.

The extraction machine covers four classic choices: French Press / Paper Drip / Aero Press / Espresso Machine. Of course, you don’t need to worry about whether your choice will ruin the good stuff. The barista in the shop will provide the most professional advice, and there are also detailed selection guides.

Drip & Drop offers more ways to enjoy coffee: Fruits Ice Coffee, Espresso Martini, Caramel Latte, etc. are not to be missed.

Opening hours: 07:00-22:00

Per capita: 200 baht

Address: Floor B, G Tower Grand Rama9, Huaykwang

Gallery Drip Coffee

The Gallery Drip Coffee on the first floor of the BACC, Bangkok Cultural and Art Center, was opened by a pair of photographer brothers. In Gallery Drip, the brothers only serve single-product coffee, and the fruits are mostly from Thailand and a few overseas regions such as Yemen and Kenya.

All the coffee in Gallery Drip is hand-made, and here you can’t even find a French press or an espresso machine. The cheapest Thai hand-made coffee is only 70 baht, and the limited amount of 3 cups of ice extract per day is only 110 baht.

Gallery Drip’s storefront is not large, and the whole wooden shelf is full of weird coffee stuff. In addition to daily operations, the brothers also often organize visits to Chiang Rai orchards. They are well-known opinion leaders in Bangkok.

Gallery Drip Coffee detailed information:

Opening hours: 10:30-21:00 closed on Monday

Per capita: 100 Baht

Address: BACC, Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

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