Bangkok’s Exquisite and Delicious Snack Shops Recommendations

Bangkok’s Exquisite and Delicious Snack Shops Recommendations

Hands & heart cafe

Category: Coffee Shop

It is featuring the black and white gray style, hedges against the heat of the outdoors. The first floor is a clothing store and the second floor is a coffee shop. The design is inspired by the Toshima Museum of Art in Japan. It is located at Sukhumvit 38, Thonglor District. What you cannot miss are: white cup x black coffee, black cup x milk coffee.


Category: Seafood Restaurant

This 30-year-old store has moved to the second floor of Infinite, which is just at BTS’s Mochit station. You will be satisfied with the super fresh seafood buffet which costs at 666 Baht. Dreamy surroundings make the dining experience even better.

Feather Stone

Category: Italian Cuisine

This is a divination restaurant that is hidden in the alley, but using Google Maps positioning navigation will help you easily arrive there. Every detail here is full of exotic surprises. Especially every drink can be used for divination!

Brave Roasters Coffee Bar

Category: Coffee Shop

The food in this restaurant is fairly normal, but waffles score higher than coffee. You can also buy coffee beans here, which are lightly roasted.

Ruen Urai

Category: Thai Cuisine Restaurant

This is a stylish high-end restaurant with a comfortable environment, which is hidden in a hotel near the “Red Light District”, and it costs around 1,000 baht per person. Its Tom Yum Kung Prawn Soup is good. Mango glutinous rice + yuzu salad must be ordered, pork neck pumpkin seedlings + pork salad is also great. You need spend 10% service charge and 7% tax, and several people eating here will take around 2500 baht.

T & K Sea Food

Category: Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant is diagonally opposite to Chinatown Hotel in Chinatown. It is very economical. A meal here with curry shrimp, tom yum goong, grilled blood clams, green vegetables, other seafood, etc. costs about 600 baht. It’s better to go there at 16:00 in the afternoon, or there will be too many people in the evening! Don’t miss grilled fish and lobster here.

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