Ao Tonsai Pier

Ao Tonsai Pier

The broad Ao Tonsai Pier is the “traffic hub” of Phi Phi Island, and the only pier on the island is here. This is also the most prosperous “commercial center”. There are many shops in the small alleys. From travel agencies to Internet cafes, from 7-11 to souvenir shops, there are also many daily necessities for tourism. Restaurants and hotels make the place bright and colorful from morning till night. But there is no shortage of crystal clear white sand beaches, dancing tropical coconut forests, and breathtaking turquoise waters. Tourists who like liveliness can find everything they need at Ao Tonsai Pier, while tourists who like quietness should consider whether they should live in a more remote area. Most hotels, restaurants and bars in Phuket are concentrated in Ao Tonsai Pier, which makes it easier to stay here.

Ao Tonsai Pier can be reached by any boat, and then you can choose to live in Ao Tonsai Pier or transfer to other islands. When boarding Ao Tonsai Pier, you need to pay a trestle fee of 20 baht per person. And just pay attention that this fee is not included in the ticket!

Ao Tonsai Pier is the most lively beach on the entire Ko Phi Phi Don, and almost all boats on Phi Phi Island stop here. The bay here is very large, with flat sandy beaches, and it is a great place to watch the sunrise every morning. This is a must-visit place to visit Ko Phi Phi Don. Be sure to enjoy it. The underwater world here is colorful and beautiful, suitable for diving activities. Climbing up the mountain road to the observation deck in the center of the island, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Phi Phi Island, which is a great experience during your trip to Thailand.

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